Eric Moeller

Candidate for Gabriola RDN Director

Eric Moeller

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My name is Eric Moeller and I am a candidate for the RDN in the upcoming election.

Gabriola Island comprises about 5% of the total RDN region, and about 3% of the total population in the RDN. There are 17 seats on the RDN Board. Gabriola gets one vote. 

I came to Gabriola some 20 years ago, and have been a permanent resident for over 10 years. I have volunteered on Lands and Trails initiative; I spent 3 years as a director on the Board of Mid Island Co-op.  I have been a licensed Marriage Commissioner for over 5 years, and promote Gabriola to off-islanders who choose to be married here.  Weddings bring in a lot of money and employment to island services. I have also been on the Gabriola Ferry Advisory Committee for two terms.

Gabriola has issues with noise, land density transfers, and bulk water sales that likely will require RDN involvement. Decisions need to be made with regard to ‘appropriate development’, and weighing of facts and impacts in making decisions.

I am committed to acting in the best interests of the electorate. The public needs to be kept informed of events at the early stages of any process.

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