from the archives, 2010

Boating Class, Spring 2010

Flare Day, February 17:

Fire extinghuishing talk

Lindsay extinguishing

Rusty extinguisher

Smoke Flare Walter

Smoke Flare Orange

Fire extinguishing

Car burning flare

Car burning out

Flare burning

Flare day

Celestial Navigation Practicum

A coolish night's CPS activities at Orlebar Point. We're exactly where we should be! Oliver, EJ, and Mike

Student Cruise, 21 March:

AGM, Gabriola Golf Club, May 20:

Good conversation, Betty, Mary, John

Thoughtful conversation

Alex, Eileen and Mary Jane

Two of the Boating Grads with Ralph and D/C D/C Sheila

Top student award, Mary Jane Derksen

Rudy Bohm Memorial to Russ and Elaine

Windchime Award

Pledging in Cdr Cecil

Sqd Bridge 2010-2011

All AGM photos by Don Butt

Gabriola Squadron Course for Youth

Fall 2010: Training Officer Ralph Hagen and Assistant Training Officer Bob Weenk have taken to the classroom at the Gabriola Elementary School to enable Gabriola's students to learn about boating safety and obtain their PCOC.
Photos by Don Butt

Ralph Hagen in class with the navigational aids he made

Past Commander Bob keeping students spell-bound

Archives 2010 Photos by Don Butt, Len Sutherland