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Boat Safety Checks

Boat safety checks began early in the year! Bob and Edie Wood setting foot on A Cappella.


The Seamanship Class, Feb. 13, 2013, (one absent), with EJ Hurst instructing some fine points on the chart, and STO, Ralph Hagen looking on, obviously pleased with what he sees.

2013 AGM, April 27

André & Carole Lemieux

Frieda Bohm presenting the Rudy Bohm Award to Bert Terhart

Don Butt receiving the Windchime Award from STO Ralph Hagen

Merit #25 for Rufus Churcher (centre)

D/C Clifford Miller pledging in Commander Ralph Hagen

Clifford Miller pledging in some members of the 2013-14 Bridge

L'il Gabe is Back and Ready to Go - Thanks, Ralph!

Members of the Bridge, left to right, Bob Weenk, Christine Purfield, Ralph Hagen, Bill Kalbfleisch, Bob Derksen, Walter Berry and Elaine Pearce in front of a refurbished L'il Gabe just before the start of their June 5 Executive meeting. Absent from the photo because he was on the other side of camera, Don Butt.

Ocean Day, June 9, 2013 at Descanso Park
We were there, advertising our courses and entertaining the kids on Li'l Gabe.

Maritime Radio Course, June 22, 2013
Twelve enthusiastic students with instructor Oliver Woolcock (far right).

Gabriola Lions Concert on the Green, August 8, 2013
Oh yes, we were there, thanks to Commander Ralph Hagen and the kids loved it! The boat was rockin' from the start of the concert to the finish. Thanks, Lions!
all COG photos: MJD

Presenting the Canadian Power & Sail Squadron's
75th Anniversary Flag to Gabriola, Sept. 28, 2013
We presented the relay flag at the Gabriola Village Market on September 28. It was blowing 37 knots and teaming rain, to the extent Lil' Gabe was on the way to being launched in the parking lot. Members of the Squadron braved the storm for the photo-op.

Fall 2013 Boating Class
Training Officer Oliver Woolcock with some of our fall 2013 Boating students

Our 2014 Course Offerings,
Dec. 2013

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