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Our First Squadron Sunday Social of 2014
Our Squadron planned four Sunday Socials, one each in the months of January to April. The first was a fundraiser on Sunday, January 12, to help equip the Ladysmith & District Royal Marine Search and Rescue Society's new vessel.
All photos by CA.

ATO and P/C Bob Weenk with the painting Doug donated for a raffle to help equip the new boat

From left: Rob Hoban, Brian Cromp, Andre Denton, and Dan Smith, the Search and Rescue group from Ladysmith

Vice Commodore Bob Wood presenting a cheque to Brian Cromp of the RCM-SAR Ladysmith

Doug Harrison with several of his railroad logging paintings

The audience, which grew to about 45, is awaiting the commencement of the presentations by Brian Cromp about the work of the Ladysmith RCM-SAR and

Doug Harrison's account of railroad logging in the Alberni Valley in the 1940's and 1950's

January 2014 Boating Basics Class

Our Second Sunday Social of 2014
Paul Giffen of the Coast Emergency Communications Association talked about the emergency preparedness communications systems that are in place, ready to be activated when an emergency strikes our region.
Photos by DB.

Boating Essentials Class, Spring 2014

They got the plotting exercise spot on!

Our Third Sunday Social of 2014

text and photos, Don Butt

Maritime Radio Class, March 15, 2014

Photos by RH

Jascha Phillips, our youngest Maritime Radio graduate yet!

Our Signs on Ferry Hill

Our 18th Annual General Meeting (April 27, Rollo Centre)
You can right-click on any of the AGM photos to get a larger version on your screen.

Several of the Boating Essentials grads, with their Training Officer, Oliver Woolcock, average mark achieved, 95.7

D/C Peter Bolton on the state of CPS

Silva Bay Yacht Club Commodore, Doug Cunnian received the certificate of appreciation to SBYC from Cdr Ralph Hagen

Oliver Woolcock receiving the Windchime Award for outstanding contribution to training

STO Oliver presenting Cheryl Bailey with the Arthur J Nielsen Award for top marks in Boating Essentials. There's no higher mark that the 100% she achieved, which she also achieved in Boating Basics. Congratulations Cheryl!

The assembled, at the AGM in the Rollo Senior Centre

Ralph and Freda Bohm with the Rudy Bohm Memorial award. This year's recipient, Bert Terhart was away but his journey to the Bering Sea was an memorable experience, shared in a stunning slideshow at a Squadron social night

The 2014-2015 Squadron Bridge. A few are away.

RCMSAR Event at Page's Marina

May 3: Squadron Executive Officer Mike Hoeinghaus presents our cheque to the Ladysmith organization to support the equipping of its new search and rescue vessel.

Li'l Gabe at the Museum
No, our little boat is not being put out to pasture just yet. Li'l Gabe was at the seasonal opening of the Gabriola Museum on May 18, 2014, to help mark the new exhibit on the history of Silva Bay. (MH)

Commander Hagen Representing the Squadron at the SBYC Sailpast
On May 24 Commander Ralph Hagen represented our Squadron at the Silva Bay Yacht Club Sailpast. Left photo: Commander Hagen is securing the CPS 75th anniversary flag on his vessel, Owikeno. Photo below: Owikeno sporting the 75th CPS-ECP Anniversary Flag at the SBYC Sailpast 2014.

Starting Our Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check Programme, June 2014
Part of the Courtesy Check team: Co-ordinator Jude Briscoe with Bill Kalbfleisch and Bob Derksen Another successful inspection!

Oceans Day, June 8, 2014
Once again we attended World Oceans Day at the Descanso Bay campground, to allow the children to play on Li'l Gabe and to make ourselves better known in the community. (MH)

Our Squadron Picnic at Wake's Cove, Valdes Island, June 14
A dozen of us enjoyed a picnic potluck and a walk in the woods at the Marine Park June 14. This is a hidden gem.
Owikeno arriving at Wake's Cove (DB) A Cappella tying up at the dock at Wake's Cove (MJD)
Picnic on the dock (MJD) (MJD)
(MJD) Vessels and dock abandoned, as we're all out for a walk (MJD)
(DB) (DB)

And so we said farewell to beautiful Valdes after a perfect day.(MJD)

Honda Celebration of Light, Vancouver, July 30, 2014
For more of Don Butt's spectacular photos of the event go tohis Smugmug web site.
Mary Butt underway to Vancouver Fraser in English Bay (MJD)
Fisherman's Wharf, False Creek, Vancouver Deb and Doug Cunnian on their way to Happy Hour
Happy Hour on board Fraser

The Squadron's Fall Social on October 4
Constable Mike Reid of West Coast Marine Services, based in Nanaimo, presented around 20 of us with a fascinating look into law enforcement on the coast. Getting ready for the show
at the table With Ralph
Serious discussion Mike n Mike

Seamanship Class, fall 2014

The Squadron's Annual Christmas Party, December 12

All Archives 2014 Photos by Don Butt except where noted; Ralph Hagen: RH; Cecil Ashley: CA; Mike Hoeinghaus: MH; Mary Jane Derksen: MJD