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Boating Basics, January 2015

Boating Essentials, February 2015

Winter Social, February 17, 2015

In an outstanding presentation, Bert terHart talked about identifying, planning and preparing for boating in heavy weather and his intimate knowledge of and experience with our West Coast climatic challenges. Not only does Bert's lesson apply to boating, but to life in general. To make heavy weather of any situation, as defined by Collins Dictionary means "to carry out with great difficulty or unnecessarily great effort". In adverse conditions of any kind, preparation makes heavy weather go away.

Maritime Radio Course, April 11, 2015

Our second Radio course this spring. As has become usual, all students who wrote the exam were successful, a testimony to the ability of both students and their instructor, Ralph Hagen.

Our Third 2015 Social, April 12

Bon van Hardenberg gave an informative and fascinating presentation about his years exploring the Arctic Ocean aboard Canadian Coastguard vessels. His accounts of life on board ship, his research work, his descriptions of the Canadian Arctic and his stunning photographs kept his audience spellbound from beginning to end. After the meeting it was coffee or tea and dessert. No wonder people hung around to socialize. Thanks Jude!

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Photos by Jude Briscoe and Mary Jane Derksen.

Annual General Meeting, May 31

Our 19th AGM was held at the Rollo Centre

Attendees included Charter Members Richard De Lissa, John Hall, Steve Wohlleben, Darcy Boulton, Hugh Sproule, Oliver Woolcock and Mike Hoeinghaus

Bob Derksen and John Woods

District ATO Betty Pearson making a point
Ready to start!
Educational Officer Bob Weenk addressed the group

Boating Class Graduate Michelle Young and Educational Officer Bob Weenk

Frieda Bohm and Commander Ralph Hagen

Bert terHart receiving 2014 Rudy Bohm Award

Oliver Woolcock receiving 2015 Rudy Bohm Award

P/C Hugh Sproule presents the Windchime Award to Commander Ralph

District Commander Barry Ensign

Our new Commander receives his Squadron Commander's Flag

Commander Mike Hoeinghaus presents a memento from the 2014-15 Bridge Officers to P/C Ralph Hagen

P/C Ralph Hagen receives the Past Commanders Award

Thank you Commander Ralph and the whole
2014-15 Executive for a job well done.

Thank you Elaine, Jude and Mary Jane
AGM photos by Bill Kalbfleisch and Mary Jane Derksen.

Squadron Cruise to the Honda Festival of Lights, July 28-30

We didn’t have many boats for our annual fireworks cruise to Vancouver, July 28-30, 2015, but at least more than one. Free Spirit (Agathe Gaulin, and Georgette) and A Cappella (Bob and Mary Jane Derksen, Don and Mary Butt) were in a great spot at Fishermen’s Wharf. After spending some cash in Granville Island, the fireworks beckoned. It was a spectacular show. More pictures are posted atDon Butt's SmugMug site.

We are in there somewhere!

We called this one "Nick."

Free Spirit (left) and A Cappella

Gabriola Lions' Concert on the Green, August 8

As in previous years, the Squadron once again participated in the various summer events that are part of our Island culture: World Oceans Day, June 7, the Concert on the Green, August 6, the Community Hall's Salmon Barbecue, August 8 and the Gabriola Theatre Festival, August 13-16.

Boating Essentials, Oct. 7

The Riddle of the Compass

Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up, Oct. 17

Beachcomber Bert

Group Effort

Commander Mike, cooking for the troops

Both beaches at Twin Beaches were remarkably clean, but we still managed to fill a couple of bags. (Photos by Bill Kalbfleisch)

Squadron Social, October 25, 2015

Bill Weller is known world-wide as an astronomer, and his knowledge of how ancient civilizations navigated is impressive. He displayed several of the old instruments, some quite elaborate, batteries not included - obviously no need for them in fact. One has to respect how the Vikings, Polynesians and others got around the oceans with such accuracy even before the compass. Our conversation afterward ranged even into particle physics, and quantum mechanics. Bill is a member of the Nanaimo Squadron, and we are grateful to him for sharing is knowledge and good humour with us.

Low Light Cruise, November 21, 2015

Saturday Nov 21st, we boarded Seaburban at Silva Bay and heading out into the darkness to learn how SEO Bert terHart plans and prepare for conditions where visibility is severely restricted. We discovered it ís not rocket science, the lights, stars and moon are ever-willing to put on a show and it ís fun. Some of what Bert does to prepare, the tips, tricks and techniques that make the transition from light to dark and back again seamless are things that we can use to cruise safely aboard our own boats when that fog bank rolls in, the motor decides it needs a rest or we just want to enjoy that perfect moon-rise on a mill pond sea.

After a fabulous three hours on the Strait, the crew made it back safely under Bert's expert guidance, probably a bit on the cold side, but much the wiser about the challenges of dealing with low visibility boating.

An Afternoon on the Beach, November 27, 2015

SEO Bert terHart and Don Butt in his capacity of Assistant Educational Officer engaged some of the Boating Essentials students in a practical shoreline plotting exercise. As darkness fell the attention turned to a hands-on practice with emergency flares, ably and safely taught by Bert.

Squadron Christmas Party, December 5, 2015

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