from the archives, 2016
Boating Essentials, February 2016

Squadron Social, February 21, 2016

Ivan Bulic presented on the history of lighthouses on the West Coast to a rapt audience.

Squadron Social, March 20, 2016

Sean Lewis explained the importance of balancing a ship's balast, cargo and passengers

Boating Essentials Plotting Exercise, April 7, 2016

The Boating Essentials class got a hands-on exercise in plotting on the shores of Drumbeg Park on a gorgeous Gabriola spring day.

Annual General Meeting, April 24, 2016

The Squadron's 20th Anniversary Cake

VIND Executive Officer Ion Barnes

SYBC Commodore Ian Waymark





Commander Mike Addresses the Squadron

Lynda and Bill

The Course Graduates

Bert receiving the Windchime Award

Frieda presents Bert with the "Rudy" Bohm Memorial Award

Bob receives an Appreciation Award

Elaine's Merit Marks

SBYC Commodore Ian with his Merit Marks

Don with his Merit Marks

Table d'hote

Chefs extraordinaire Jude and Elaine

Li'l Gabe attends the AGM

Recreational Vessel Courtesy Checks (RVCC), May 7, 2016

Commander Mike presents SBYC Past Commodore Doug with his 2016 sticker

Mike and Bill have completed a successful inspection of Don's sailboat A Cappella and present a copy of the report and the 2016 sticker.

Checking the expiry date of a flare

Ralph prepares to check Bob's CDORY

Commander Mike with our new sponsor board and L'il Gabe at the Gabriola Theatre Festival.
(Photo by George Myette)

Introduction to Cruising Plotting Exercise - November 19, 2016

Squadron Educational Officer Bert terHart demonstrates his sextant to students on their hands-on plotting exercise at Drumbeg Provincial Park on a blustery November afternoon.

All Archives 2016 Photos by Don Butt except where noted