Section 3 of theSquadron Policy Manual describes Squadron Officers’ Duties as well as the definition of Bridge, its membership, meeting dates and quorums.

Executive members can also find officer training manuals and job descriptions on the CPS's web site. Follow these steps:

  1. Go tothe CPS - ECP web site
  2. Point to Membership on the home page menu
  3. Click on Member Site
  4. Log in with your ID (an email address) and your password
  5. In the menu on the left side, click on Officers' Web Home
  6. and finally, Officers' Guidebook
Commander Mike Hoeinghaus 247-8799
Executive Officer Jean van Praet 325-3064
Educational Officer Bert terHart 557-2824
Secretary Carole Lemieux 247-9889
Financial Officer Jude Briscoe 247-8600
Membership Officer Elaine Pearce 247-7538
Public Relations Officer George Myette 247-7123
Webmaster Bill Kalbfleisch 668-6656
Communications / Privacy Don Butt 247-7804
Member-at-Large John Bullas 739-3295
Member-at-Large Bob Wood 247-7339
Member-at-Large Ivan Bulic 247-2032

For upcoming Squadron Executive meetings seeUpcoming Events.
Past Commanders
Executive Committees

Don Butt, chair
George Myette
Bill Kalbfleisch
Bert terHart
Mike Hoeinghaus

Social Committee
Elaine Pearce, chair,
Jude Briscoe
John van Praet
Mike Hoeinghaus

Nominating Committee
Bob Derksen (Chair)
Elaine Pearce
Mike Hoeinghaus