Gabriola Scenes, 2003-2010

approaching Gabriola Passage (RD)

Gabriola Passage (RD)

windy day off Jack Point (RD)

Degnen Bay (RD)

view from Drumbeg Park (RD)

False Narrows (RD)

Berry Point view of Entrance Island (RD)

MV Quinsam going to Nanaimo, passing Jack Point (RD)

Mount Baker is closer than you think (DB)

sunrise over the Strait of Georgia from high up on Gabriola (DB)

view of Breakwater Island (DB)

Malaspina Galleries (DB)

Malaspina Galleries (DB)




Berry Point Road view (DB)

view from Gabriola: passing Bowen Island at sunset (DB)

sandstone natural art (DB)

Berry Point Road view (DB)

Surf at Orlebar (DB)

Surf and Seaguls (DB)

Surf, Ferry, Tree (DB)

Surf west (DB)

Entrance Island light (DB)

Drumbeg light (DB)

Drumbeg tidal pools (DB)

Sandwell Park (DB)

Sandwell, on the beach (DB)

Sandwell Park (DB)

Sandwell Park beach (DB)

local inhabitants (DB)

Entrance Island Light (DB)

Surf at Berry Point Road (DB)

Gabriola Passage to Dodd Narrows (RD)

Looking south towards Silva Bay (RD)

January on Orlebar Point (DB)

Entrance Island under the snow (DB)

Presenting a wintery scene approaching Gabriola (DB)

Entrance Island in fog (DB)

Fog bank approaching Gabriola (RD)

Cloud over Gabriola (RD)

Dinghy at Orlebar (DB)

Sandstone Steps (DB)

Orlebar Shore (DB)

Orlebar Shore (DB)

Orlebar Shore (DB)

Haven Shore (DB)

Halloween Rock (DB)

Needs a shave (DB)

VanIsle Yacht Race 2007 leaving Nanaimo Harbour (TA)

with beautiful Gabriola Island in the distant background (TA)

Guarding Le Boeuf Bay (RD)

Day at the Beach (RD)

Another great Gabriola day (RD)

December 2008 - record snowfalls(DB)


Wintry Le Boeuf Bay(DB)

Entrance Island under snow (DB)

Gabriola Passage (DB)

early-morning ferry (DB)


beautiful A Cappella (DB)

Entrance sunset (DB)

A Cappella at Silva Bay,

enduring another snowy November (2010) (DB)

Photo Credits:
DB: Don Butt
RD: Bob Derksen
TA: Terry Allen