There is so much pleasure in boating. The skills needed, to take care of a boat and to get it safely from one place to another, cannot be taken for granted. It's not always easy! The tragedies documented below testify to that. The CPS Boating Course will give you the tools to prevent some of the events pictured here.

Grounded in Silva Bay (RP)

Near sinking: Silva Bay (RP)

Silva Bay claims another one: Oh dear, it's gone! (RP)

Under the dock at Silva Bay (RP)

The Finback Saga: I am looking west; what's wrong with this picture? (RP)

More Finback; let's see, which way is Bowen Island, and what is that black over yellow over black thing in the east?(RP)

Finback: and the sails are still up because....? (RP)

Finback: and then the luckiest people I have seen in awhile (RP)


There is more to this story....(RP) Russ promises he will write about this episode - webmaster

Sea Fox burned on May 29th, 2007 at Silva Bay Inn dock (RP)

Granny Knot. What not to do. On the rocks in Silva Bay, Nov. 2008 (RP)

Another shot of Granny Knot (RP)

F.V. Zonta on the rocks by Kendrick Isle with C.G. Hovercraft June 6/09 (RP)

F.V. Zonta on the rocks by Kendrick Isle with C.G. Hovercraft June 6/09 (RP)

Oct. 14, 2009: Grounding at Law Point. Photos show removal effort (RP)

Grounding at Law Point 2 (RP)

Ondina, flying a jolly roger burgee, like several

other navigators who have come to grief in local waters,

tried to pass between Tugboat Isle and the port hand day beacon entering Silva Bay Wed. 8/11/2010.(RP)

November 2010: Another boat on the rocks in Silva Bay (RP)

Power boat washed up in Gabriola Passage (RD)

Magic Lantern II on Shipyard Rock, Silva Bay (RH)

Mini towing the mighty (or not so mighty), summer 2013 (RP)

Yet another on the rocks at Silva Bay, summer 2013 (RP)

On the rocks in Silva Bay, summer 2013 (RP)

Photo Credits: Russ Pearce (RP), Bob Derksen (RD); Ralph Hagen (RH); Stamp: Don Butt